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50 programs scrapped at EPA

President Trump proposes a $54 billion increase in military spending, offset by slashing domestic programs. The Environmental Protection Agency would take the biggest hit, a 31 percent cut that would eliminate a quarter of the staff and save $2.6 billion, returning the agency’s budget to 1970s-era levels. Congress dictates spending, however, and some cuts face […]

Jerry Brown announces trip to China, the world’s ‘great hope’ on climate change

Gov. Jerry Brown jabbed repeatedly at President Donald Trump’s skepticism of climate change on Thursday, contending that China has stepped into the role of the world’s “great hope.” Brown, at a conference on carbon reduction, also announced he would be traveling to China in June to promote environmental protection. “It’s very paradoxical that we have […]

Barbara Boxer will lobby for an environmentally controversial desalination plant in Huntington Beach

Boston-based water development company is paying former Sen. Barbara Boxer to push for approval of a proposed seawater desalination plant that has been mired for years in environmental controversy. Boxer, a Democrat, will lobby the California Coastal Commission on behalf of Poseidon Water’s private project, which would sell drinking water supplies to Orange County agencies. […]