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Gas Tax Map

In addition to the federal gasoline tax, currently 18.4 cents per gallon, states add their own taxes and fees every time you fill up. Some states assess higher – much higher – gas taxes than others. Savvy consumers who pay attention to state borders can save hundreds of dollars each year by filling up on […]

Russia Will Light up Africa – Putin

The African continent is in huge need of energy investments, and Russia could become one of its key partners, according to President Vladimir Putin speaking at BRICS summit in Johannesburg. “I would especially like to note that Russia is planning to step up its assistance in development of national energy in African states,” said the […]

Renewables Won’t Keep Californians Cool During Heat Waves

California policymakers are infatuated with renewable energy and electric vehicles. But the record-breaking heat wave that hit the state earlier this month which left more than 30,000 customers in Los Angeles without electricity for several hours, is exposing the dangers of that infatuation. A quick bit of background: On July 6, the temperature hit 108 […]

June Jobs Growth Jumps with 213K Jobs Added While Unemployment Rises

The U.S. economy added a higher-than-expected number of jobs in June, with 213,000 positions created versus analysts’ expectations for 195,000. The unemployment rate moved higher, off an 18-year low, to 4% from May’s 3.8%. Economists say the slight move higher is a positive as it reflects more workers entering the workforce after sitting on the […]