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The UN Admits That The Paris Climate Deal Was A Fraud

Global Hot Air: Here’s a United Nations climate report that environmentalists probably don’t want anybody to read. It says that even if every country abides by the grand promises they made last year in Paris to reduce greenhouse gases, the planet would still be “doomed.” When President Obama hitched America to the Paris accords in […]

Tesla stock takes a hit as GOP unveils tax plan that eliminates electric car subsidy

The shift toward electric vehicles took a big hit Thursday when Republicans officially proposed wiping out the $7,500 federal tax credit for buyers of electric cars as part of a sweeping tax overhaul. Tesla would be the hardest-hit company should the plan pass Congress and be signed into law by President Trump. Although Chief Executive […]

Pruitt guts EPA science panels, will appoint new members

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency said Tuesday he intends to replace the outside experts that advise him on science and public health issues with new board members holding more diverse views. In announcing the changes, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt suggested many previously appointed to the panels were potentially biased because they had received […]

Walters: Next California governor will face growing poverty problem

Gov. Jerry Brown persistently cautions Californians that their pulsating economy cannot last forever. When, for example, he unveiled a revised state budget last May, he included what has become boilerplate, warning that “by the time the budget is enacted in June, the economy will have finished its eighth year of expansion – only two years […]

EPA chief: I’d ‘do away with’ wind, solar tax credits

nvironmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt said on Monday that the federal tax credits for the wind and solar power industries should be eliminated. Pruitt told a crowd at a Kentucky Farm Bureau event that the credits stand in the way of utility companies making the best decisions about power generation. Read more here at The Hill
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