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More Water. More Power. More Dams Now!

Man’s transition from ancient hunter gatherer societies to the world’s first great civilizations was made possible in no small part due to the construction of elaborate systems of aqueducts. These provided a means of conveying water for ancient Babylon, Greece, Rome and others, enabling settled farming communities and secure food supplies. In fact, the Hanging […]

Goldstein Investigation: $10 Million LAPD Electric BMWs Appear Unused or Misused

The Los Angeles Police Department made a big deal about going green with a fleet of electric BMWs. But our David Goldstein has discovered some of those cars are sitting in the garage. Here is a full script of Goldstein’s investigation: “This is part of a million-dollar pilot program. You’re really supposed to get a […]

Plans for New Dams, Reservoirs in California Hit Big Hurdle

Signaling trouble for nearly a dozen landmark water storage projects to help California cope with its next drought, state water officials on Thursday announced none of the proposals — including raising Contra Costa County’s Los Vaqueros Dam and building a new Santa Clara County dam near Pacheco Pass — provide the public benefits that their supporters […]

California’s Proposed Car Ban is the Perfect Mix of Hubris and Silliness

SACRAMENTO — It’s about time that members of Congress and the California Legislature got really serious about combating the nation’s pollution problem. Just as Jonathan Swift had a “modest proposal” to keep poor Irish children from being a burden to their families and their country (by selling them to wealthy English people as food), I, […]
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