Anti-fracking Activists and Anarchists are Blocking Rail Tracks in Olympia, Wash. They Don’t Plan on Leaving

By Coalition of Energy Users

There was little sleep the first night. Everyone was too wired with nerves and excitement. They expected the police to barrel in at any moment.

The encampment went up on Nov. 17, a guerrilla whirlwind of tents, tarps, wooden pallets and two-by-four studs. In just a few hours, the intersection at Jefferson Street SE and Seventh Avenue in downtown Olympia, Wash., was transformed from a drab piece of asphalt into a hulking structure, somewhere between a refugee camp and a carnival tent.

As impressive as the camp was, however, most of the 100 people who collected behind its barricades the first day did not expect it to last.

Click here to read article on The Washington Post.

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