Truckers Sue CA Again, Claiming Air Filter Puts Public Safety at Risk

By Coalition of Energy Users

On February 9, 2016, Kieth Daniels could only watch as his beloved 2009 Peterbilt truck burned.

“I timed it. Eight minutes, that truck was burned to the frame. It took over,” Daniels told NBC Bay Area. The veteran trucker estimates he’s driven more than 5 million miles over the course of his 39-year career. But nothing prepared him for that day, watching flames destroy his big rig, just moments after he pulled into a truck stop. As he walked back from the restroom, Daniels saw smoke and flames engulfing the cab of his truck.

“I feel fortunate I was out of it and didn’t get burned,” Daniels said, “I could’ve been in the sleeper taking a nap and then taken over by smoke.”

Click here to read the article on NBC Bay Area.

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